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Rules - Please be sure to read thoroughly

What you thought you could get in without escaping the RULES? What's wrong with you?

Well you know the drill it is very simple. Obey the rules you don't get in trouble. I am rather laid back and I don't mind bending the rules some as we enter the wonderful and fantastical world of RP because let's face it everyone has a different style.

Rule 1: No godmodding. Or to make it simple, don't control another persons character. Exception: If by chance you have a *toss character* (a character with no important relevance just thrown in) they can be killed off if permission is given or stated; if it is not a toss character they must have a name and a small bio.

Rule 2: Do NOT, and I mean absolutely not start shit with MY members. You are here because I invited you to have fun and rp. If you DARE start drama with any of my members I will delete you no questions asked. You will get no warnings I will just delete you. So don't be a jerk and ruin it for anyone. So if any of you are the victim of this please email me or message me ASAP because if you wait 5 days to tell me I will likely let it slide depending on the situation. But explain to me the situation. Depending on the severity I will give warnings. Please contact me if anyone is abusing this rule.

Rule 3: Please keep an open mind on other peoples beliefs. This is no god-dom of just one house under god. This is a zone in which everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. So please be respectful of those with certain religions. Thank you.

Rule 4: Cursing is allowed. But don't be dropping F-bombs.

Rule 5: Sexual conduct is allowed so don't come to me. If you read someones post, keep in mind things may get heated. You have a right and a free will to stop at anytime. If you don't like what you read then why did you read it in the first place. Be warned you may find pairings in which may consist of: bestiality or furries/furrys, pedophilia (as admin please no child porn. I suggest you only have pre-teen or teen ages), necrophilia (this would include likely zombies and vampires), Yaoi (guy on guy), Yuri (girl on girl), and there are many more. Just be warned that what you read may upset and offend you but this is that persons personal writing, if you believe it has broke one of the rules please contact me.

Rule 6: Action stars: This is a literate roleplay site. If I catch someone using asterisks in any roleplay you will be given a warning. This site is to help promote your writing abilities. Use common English. 

Rule 7: Please, Please, Pleaseeeezzzz; NO one liners. I expect posts with at LEAST one full paragraph. Which in the English language of writing consists of 3-5 sentences. If you don't know what a sentence is it's under 10 words.

Rule 8: I know we aren't all literals but please try to type with your best ability. Spell check is your friend!

Rule 9: Characters. You may use as many as you want but if you put up a bio I expect to see them in the forums. On the characters if 2 two or more people are using a similar pic or character, make a truce on who uses that character. This shouldn't be an issue. If you can both agree to play him/her then by all means. 

Rule 9-1 For character bios on your page please have at least:

Name, Sex, Age, Personality, and small History. If you do not reference a picture then please add a description.

Rule 10: And lastly Jinx reminded me: HAVE FUN! This is a fun chance and opportunity to make friends writing stories together with amazing scenery and character development.