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April 29 2016

Hello once again members of Anime Times

As you well may know there hasn't been much update on the news because things have been slow and activity has been only between four members. I do hope the new colors are inspiring. Seemed like it was time for a change into spring. IF colors are too bright or not looking well on your computer; please don't hesitate to contact me!

Same with the chatbox, if it is too overwhelming please let me know; it is a simple fix.

I am sending out a large email to any members to read this and hope that if you were inactive you may consider joining again. If life has you busy it's understandable to not be online. If you want your account and threads deleted let me know.

The contact tab has ALL my information to reach me at the earliest convince.

Thanks for being here!

Note: Any threads that HAVE been inactive over 3 months I will likely move to a new forum area for dead posts. OR I will just delete them. so save your work!



July 30 2013

Well here we are once again reading news for once! Anyways to start off thanks to the members whom have stayed loyal to the AnimeRPMadness. I really am glad you have all stayed this long :P

Also as you may have seen was the color change. It is summer and has been time for a change of the lighter. I hope to keep changing this regularly with season! I hope you will enjoy and give me more ideas as they come along!

Thanks again members!

Your Admin

Tabby-Cat =^.^=

June 01 2012

Congrats members! You made it through a full 2 months! haha! Well It's June and I am open for some colorful suggestions on the site colors? Also if you didn't notice the new music and pic is up from this months member SICARIUS! Be sure to tell her how awesome she is! BWAHAHA!

Sucks cause I know I haven't been on and IM SORRY! But I had a cold then a fever then the flu in like 2 days! >< and worse I had to work on both those days and TODAY which was my bday *cries* So *blows a kazoo dully* Happy 23rd for me. Went to work came home and went to bed cause the damn flu...

ANYWAYS! Hope you all are doing well and that's the end of the news! ^^ YEEHAW

Your Admin,

Tabby-Cat =^.^=

P.S. I deleted 2 forums

  1. Oragy of randomness- seems pointless we can just ooc on the boards
  2. Expired posts- If you don't like it just delete it. As long as you have permission from the other members in that post! Do not delete it if you don't have permission! ^^ Thank you

May 10 2012

Members! We're off to a great start! I have accomplished getting 10 people on the site in 2 days! ZOMG! Please feel free to invite your friends that you know are good RP-ers.

On another note who need some good custom made tees for a good $? YOU DO! I went downtown today with my BF *coughs* ZERO *cough* >> << And passed by a tee shirt custom design shop. He JUST started business and is looking for customers. And yes he does ship them! Zero bought a ZOMBIE tee and it's WICKED COOL! It was only $20 for front and back! So please check out his link below. He just started but if you have any awesome pics you want on a tee send him an email with a image!

Thank you kindly!

GreatWorks Unlimited

Your Admin


May 8 2012

I am shocked to say but it's finally open! Please feel free to browse or ask questions of any kind or sort. In case you guys didn't know Every month I will be putting different music with the news so please feel free to send me a submission and I will even state whom picked the music for the month!

Thank again for joining!

Your Admin