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Azrael wasn't exactly the most tech savvy person, but he had been given a assignment he figured he might as well know the bare minimum of. He had been assigned to investigate this black market portion of the internet. He originally dismissed this as a waste of time, figuring that such activities would have been monitored or caught by police...however the activities seemed perfectly untraceable. So it was up to him to investigate this haven of criminal activity way before the cops could come to it.

He had heard all kinds of stories of how people would have their addresses found out, so he would do this from some public location. He was currently sitting on a bench in the middle of the park as he used this.

As for what part of the deep web he was venturing too, he had landed on some Human Experimentation website. His eyes didn't betray any emotion whatsoever even though inside he wanted to kill these "doctors" in the most horrific way imaginable.

The experiments themselves ranged, but they all had the same result: which was either the pain or the death of the victim. He had no idea how he was able to keep up his poker face while he resisted the urge to throw his right fist into the computer monitor.

It was just then, a chat box showed up.


Azrael wasn't going to even dignify the man with a response.

"What was your favorite part of my site?"

So this idiot wouldn't get the message? Fine then

"You should have never messaged me"


"Because I am going to kill you"

To this, the anonymous jackass laughed it off, dismissing it and trying to intimidate him by saying he knew where he was and he would send some friends over. He shut off the computer. The average person wouldn't use such a computer again. Not this guy however. He would use it to bait the worst pieces of shit human society had to offer to their deaths.

He stood up and audibly cracked his knuckles 3 times. He was definitely going to show these guys no mercy. He didn't kill women, children, guards just doing their jobs, or people who were blackmailed into fighting him. These people however fit none of that criteria so he didn't have to hold back against them.

Was this really the right decision for him to do? Did he potentially sentence himself to an endless battle with a invisible network of demons in human skin. Was he forsaking his own humanity for the sake of the protection of others and risk becoming more demon than human? 

There was the old saying "Those who fight monsters should see to it that they don't become one...for if you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you".  He would have to be careful that he didn't become as mentally deranged as these sickos.

He took the laptop with him and walked to the nearest garbage can...Rather than throw it in the trash, he smashed it against the side of the can, breaking it into several pieces before stomping it into several smaller pieces. Any onlookers were surprised or raised a eyebrow at his behavior just wrote him off as "guy must have a really bad day"

The onlookers quickly dispersed as rain quickly began to pour into the city, quickly shifting into a heavy downpour, leaving the young man to stare at the broken pieces of the laptop in the wet concrete as puddles began to form. He took a deep breath before kneeling on one knee and closing his eyes, so he could have a moment of self reflection. The long tails of his red headband now clung to his back and his long black hair was starting to stick to the back of his black leather jacket. Catching pneumonia was the last thing on his mind at that moment. 

After taking a few deep breaths, he stood up adjusting the mask that covered the lower half of his face, which served as a filter for the job he worked in. 

"....Horrible Atmosphere" he mused to himself as he started to walk away from the park now, without an umbrella by himself in the rain. "I gotta shake off my rust anyway" He commented to himself before cracking his knuckles. He definitely wasn't going to let himself be killed by garbage like that. 

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 'Rain again. It is always seemingly raining no matter where I go. It's like a plague that is remaining with me. Tears of all those I killed and to those families I have torn apart; I have no sympathy for them... Those whom were in that factory of pain were there to harm others and deserved the fate I had left them with.' Red eyes lifted from the pavement as the park began to clear out; people didn't want to be in any weather unless it was simple. Black boots continued along the paved walkway but paused at the bench seeing the broken bits and pieces of the machine.


Gazing upward she saw a male figure walking away and caught scent which matched that of the pieces on the ground and growled slightly and raised her voice, "You know it's rude to litter." Slowly kneeling she began to pick up the bits scattered along the pavement and the larger bits on the grass. Grey jacket was repelling most of the water & with a hood up her face wasn't seen very well. Each piece she lifted with pale fingers her claws got smaller bits throwing it into the trash.


Why should she care; it wasn't her concern but in her mind she knew it was right and that it was the humans fault for this world dying and the pain it was receiving. This was a small part to help keep the peace with nature. Man only wanted to burn and destroy what they cant control; use things to their benefit for profit. Selfish beings deserved the world to crash down on them but this was a truth that would never be realized. After getting most of the larger bits and small bits up she reached in the trash getting a paper and reading the headlines and gripped tightly as the paper ripped form her claws digging into it. The only thing she could see on the papers was the article of her escape and that the tool of war had escaped and slaughtered hundreds before having the factory burn.


Throwing the paper back in violently she held her fists firmly and closed her eyes tightly; thinking her ears may be pointed up due to her anger she pulled the beanie tighter to her head and made sure her tail was secure in the belt loops of her black pants which went into her boots. Turning to continue her walk on the pavement she looked ahead sure that the male was long gone and everyone else that was in the park as well. 'What am I doing with this life... their must be something more constructive, rather than this list... all I am; all i was created to do, was to kill.' Pulling from her jacket was a list of names and a large one at that; names crossed out and had crosses to the left of them. Eyes grew narrow, 'I will make them all pay for their dark hearts and make them suffer as I did.'


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He heard the voice behind him but chose to ignore it. He was a environmentally conscious person, but now wasn't the time to think about stuff like that...He had keep a level head and his emotions in check while he went onto his task.  His hands were dug into his pockets as he tried to make his way to the more dilapidated areas of the city...what everyone referred to as the ghetto. 

And almost as if on cue, a about 3 vans started trailing behind him. He pretended not to notice this and took some rather strange choices in routes before going into a abandoned multi story building. The sound of the vans screeching to a halt could be heard as he was already 7 stories up by the time he heard the sound of their arrival. With great haste, he ran up to the top of the apartment as the loudest sounds outside became the sounds of footsteps from outside and soon travelling up the stairs. The men were all dressed in black, wearing all sorts of masks that they must have gotten at Halloween shops as they all varied. Their weapons ranged from simple handguns to bladed weapons such as meat cleavers, knives, machetes.

Upon reaching the top, they found the only room that seemed to be barren. Their target wasn't in sight, but it wasn't like he had many places to hide...or so they thought.

There was a metallic orb on the floor with a green flashing light that blinked repeatedly. It started off slowly, but began blinking quicker as the men just stared at it. "Okay, and what the fuck is this shit!?"

His question was answered when the light switched to red and the orb exploded, dousing all of the men in the room with very powerful corrosive chemicals as loud screams of agony and pain could be heard from inside the building, signaling the bloodbath that was to come. The masked men were now nothing more than disgusting piles of blood and bones.

Azrael hid from his hiding place which was from a hidden ledge ontop of the roof of the building. He was now a soaker type weapon as he walked past the corpses and over to the edge of the staircase where the men were rushing up. He didn't even miss a beat as he pointed his soaker over the edge of the staircase and started showering the men with some type of clear liquid. The men who were hit by the liquid quickly screamed in pain as they fell down the stairs or were melted by the corrosive bases he poured down the verical staircase.  Azrael soon left from their sight of the staircase, indicating that he was trying to escape


Just as they were about to scramble out and about away from the staircase, some of the men paused to see the acid soaker gun falling through the vertical staircase.  What they didn't see was their target holding a small pistol type weapon with a flame ignited at the end. He flicked a button on the strange looking gun and pulling the trigger which...instead of a arc produced by a flame thrower, it shot a projectile- specifically a fireball over at the acid gun. While nobody could break down a liquid such as a acid or base, some of those liquids were highly flammable and explosive. ..

With that in mind, he ran fast and climbed out of the windows

"What the fu-"


Was what was heard next as the flame combining with the acid gun produced a explosion that shot up the entire vertical shaft burning all that was on the staircase as well as flying out to burn those that tried to escape at ground level.

Azrael however waited until he was out of the range of the flames from the windows before he could start safely climbing down to ground level. If his estimations were correct, there was only 1 more left. 

The 1 man that was remaining was badly burned as he pathetically tried to crawl away. He soon saw a pair of black boots blocking his path. "I'll be generous today. If you tell me where your boss is...I'll let you live". 

Having took the bait, his foe told him the address which was at a warehouse that wasn't far from here. "I told you what you needed to know. Now, can you let me go"

"I will ask you this...How many people have begged for their lives that you have allowed to live?" He flicked the switch on his handheld flamethrower again as the barrel as pointed directly at the masked man's face.

"Wh-WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU" Was his reply before being incinerated by the full blast of the flamethrower. 

Unfortunately, since the screams and explosions were loud...He was probably going to draw a lot of attention from police. He had to act quick to find that warehouse, otherwise the mastermind would just get away and perform human experiments somewhere else

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