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As a note this is not strictly anime. I only title it that because most of it will be anime based; however, if you roleplay a werewolf, vampire, demon, angel, dark elf, witch/wizard, druid, dragon, creature from the black lagoon you will still be accepted and will be expected to rp as whatever breed alien or thing you see fit. thank you ;)


Greetings and salutations from AnimeRPMadness. I have created several roleplay sites and I am very hopeful for this one. My desire is that everyone comes here to enjoy their time writing as well as making long term relationships with fellow rpers. There is a large variety in the forums in which you can start a story or even interact with others. Also you will be getting your own username and password in which will allow you access to edit and update your own page. I suggest on your page you take the time to add character details about your sona. Customized avatar's will be available for you to show who you are on the site and be able to show off a fancy sona.

Anyways let me go over what this site is all about. What is this site for? What is it based on? Well as the title says. ANIME of course! And naturally RP or roleplay is what the main idea of this site shall be especially among forums. Now the Madness I believe will be mostly describing that you can do anything! I mean anything. If you want to write your own fanfics here by all means! Or if you want to just play a small rp with someone and wanted to use a more common character from an anime instead of using your own. I suggest you have at least one made up character/sona but if you like anime like myself then I understand if you want to use a copyright character just be sure to state you do not claim rights to said character. Honestly do whatever you want. I am also up for suggestions so feel free to contact me. All my information will be above on the 'Contact' tab.

Well I think that just about covers what AnimeRPMadness is all about. SO let's stop the chit chat and just get to it shall we?

Please be sure to read the rules before joining. It's all stuff I am sure you have read a thousand times before but for keepsakes please read once more.

To join go to the 'Members' tab and press Join Site! Your username may be your email for time being as FYI but you can edit this after you join.

If you are looking for updates simply read the NEWS!

Thank you